Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Now that I have moved over the my Powerbook G4 as a primary machine, I have my older laptop to play with. I also have two hard drives for that machine. One hard drive is now running windows xp with sp2 installed. It also has the Microsoft anti spyware software, and symantec antivirus. I have not downloaded any other third party app, other than bittorrent for downloading. I wanted to see how long it would take for the machine to get infected. I've been running the system non-stop for the past two weeks. After work, I use that machine exclusively for all my web browsing. The machine has not been infected by spyware so far. In fact, I have not even had a single web site show the activex dialog that is shown to confirm the install of some spyware software. Now this surprised me. The websites I visit it turns out can all be trusted. This would lead me to believe that I need to start visiting web sites that I normally dont visit, and see what effect that has. My plan though is to click "No" on all those spyware activex dialogs. I am just trying to see how long I can have the machine last without getting spyware on it.