Thursday, October 13, 2005

It's hard to convey how much talent...:
But I didn't mention that Gabe Rivera, the author of Memeorandum was there too. I've become a regular user, subscribed to its RSS feed, and several times a day I visit the site and use it as an aggregator of what's happening in the tech blogosphere. It's become a totally essential tool, in just a few weeks.

(Via Scripting News.)

Memeorandum is amazing. Its what Google News should have been. The internet has gone from a place that delivers news, to a place where you can discuss it. A whole big forum. With postings on topics made by various people on their blogs. How do you track this conversation? Use Memeorandum!.

OPML on the other hand is a little confusing. When Dave Winer added that OPML directory to his site, I thought "Oh thats what its for". To categorize blogs, and provide directories. But there is more to it. There is the outline aspect of OPML. And then I heard Daves podcast, where he says something to the effect of OPML being the next web or something. I'm still confused, I guess I'll have to do some more research over the weekend.