Thursday, December 29, 2005

Little known Outlook features

Little known Outlook features:
AOL Instant Messenger status shows up in Outlook...even if you don't use AOL IM. I have no idea how Outlook does this but I noticed it yesterday. I was reading an email from a friend and noticed the yellow AOL icon next to her name in the email, along with the blue "pawn" icon from MSN Messenger. I hovered over the yellow AIM icon and it said "This user is available". I hovered over the blue MSN icon and it said "This person is not an online contact". I don't have AOL IM loaded on my PC so I have no idea how Outlook figures out that this person has AIM and is online. When this person goes offline the AIM icon disappears.� This same behavior can be seen if you open your Contacts list. Amazing!

(Via Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing.)