Sunday, May 14, 2006

Everybody recommends Wii, then who needs a 360 or a PS3?

The Wiire - Sony Executive Recommends Wii As Second Console:
GamePro sat down with Sony Computer Entertainment executive Phil Harrison at E3 earlier this week, where he re-iterated a sentiment made by Microsoft's Corporate Vice President of Interactive Entertainment Peter Moore, where he said that buyers of of a next-generation console should also buy Nintendo's Wii system.

This is weird, why is everyone saying that along with our product (Sony and Microsoft), you should buy a Wii? If everyone who buys either a 360 or a PS3 also buys a Wii, Nintendo will have twice as many sold!

And here is another article that says Wii is cool (digg says the information in the article pointed to below is under review):

Nintendo Wii Graphics On Par With Xbox 360?:
The article explains that most companies have been mislead to underestimate the technical capabilities of the Wii. The source for the article also makes a bold statement by saying: "the Wii will be visually on par with the Xbox 360 and may even exceed it slightly."

(Via digg.)

I was browsing through Circuit City the other day, and happened to look at a Nintendo DS. Now that is a cool gaming system! I read that Nintendo DS Lite is coming soon. I might just get myself one.