Sunday, September 17, 2006

Browser Cache

Slashdot | Tracking Users Via the Browser's Cache:


After reading the above article I thought I'd change the browser settings so that I had not cache. I figured out I could set the disk space a browser allocates for cache to zero or something. I've switched to using Camino over the past few days, since its a lot faster than Firefox. I couldn't find an option to set the cache size or any other such option any where. All I found was a button that allows you to empty your cache.

I couldn't find an option to not cache web pages on safari either, but safari did have an empty cache option, and a private browsing option. The private browsing option doesn't add info of the web site you are visiting to for instance your history. However, it doesn't say if it stops a web page from being cached.

Their is an option of Firefox which by default was set to 50MB on my machine. If you go to about:config, and search for cache, their are two entries that seemed interesting to me. browser.cache.disk.capacity and browser.cache.disk.enable. I had already changed the cache size to 0, and I toggled the boolean value of browser.cache.disk.enable to false. I figured it would be a fun experiment to see how the browser reacts with this cache disabled, and how frustrating usage gets if at all.