Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Google Reader, Writely and blogging

I've been using writely quite a bit lately on my Ubuntu box, and mostly to make posts to my blog. I don't see a place for people to put in a title of a post. I would've thought that placing the title of the document as the title of the post would've been the logical thing to do, but I guess not so far. In any case, the flow isn't their. In OS X I used the combination of NetNewsWire and Marsedit. See an item you want to blog, right click the item, and choose post using Marsedit. No such flow in Googles apps. I guess they've been spending time integrating Writely with, but I hope they will spend some time in the future, integrating these apps so that people can use them better. What I would like is an option to go from a post in Google Reader, to writely (with the right title), to my blog.