Saturday, October 28, 2006

Upgrading Ubuntu

Ubuntu Edgy Upgrades a Disaster for many:

"First off let me state, this release is supposed to be "edgy", but i didn't know by edgy they meant playing with a toy that's been through a woodschipper, now laced with sharp edges for you to cut yourself on."

I didn't know people were having problems upgrading Ubuntu. I had no problems whatsoever upgrading the distro I have installed. I had Ubuntu Dapper Drake installed on my machine, I fired up Konsole, typed:
gksudo "update-manager -c"
Click a button or two, and:
cat /etc/issue
Ubuntu 6.10

And we're done.

And in fact, I had kubuntu-desktop installed, which is what I had been using, and still am with no problems what so ever. Firefox 2.0 rocks on this install!