Monday, March 12, 2007

dinner at salt lick with robert scoble

I just had the most amazing dinner at saltlick here in Austin. Robert Scoble was their and so was Lionel Menchaca from Dell, and Chris Aarons from AMD. I got sit next to a Vice President from AMD on one side and cunning_femme on the other!

I didn't take any pictures :( but hopefully some will crop up that I can blog!

Robert is as amazing, open and fun to talk to as he is in his videos! I wanted to show him a Dell XPS M1210 with kubuntu and beryl in all its glory, but didn't get a chance. Oh well, maybe next time!

Lionel was another fun person to talk to. Glad to see we have an excellent blogging team at Dell!

And thanks to AMD/Chris Aarons/all others from AMD for the great dinner!