Friday, May 13, 2005

The Gripe Line Weblog by Ed Foster

The Gripe Line Weblog by Ed Foster:
"'We are going through some interesting times trying to cancel AOL service,' one reader wrote recently. 'Last spring my wife decided she needed a separate account for some reason and signed up with AOL. Around about July she realized that it was not being used when I got after her about the $9.95 a month, so she called AOL to cancel. They talked for 20 minutes and eventually refused to cancel the service but gave her two months 'free.' I called the next month and clearly told them we did not want the service and to cancel it, and then I wrote them a letter. They again refused to outright cancel it, but I figured I was OK, with the letter on file. Around October they started sending dunning notices for $29.95 a month. After several phone calls I finally was told that after we told them to cancel the account someone ran up over 2,000 hours in a month using her screen name! I told them in no uncertain terms that we had cancelled their service and that this charge was not our responsibility. After they sent another dunning notice, I sent them a registered letter and asked the State Attorney General to investigate.'"