Saturday, December 16, 2006


For my last post, when I remembered about the levelator, I didn't remember the name of the software. I just remembered that Jon Udell had talked about some software that might help with fixing audio levels in a podcast. So I started searching for what it could be.

I refined my search to look something like the following:

"site: Jon Udell audio podcast edit"

It just so happened that I was using IE7 with live search as the default. In this case, the results returned were relevant, but the post I had been looking for wasn't their. However, results on google had the relevant post as the second result. Just for the sake of this post, I thought I'd try out Yahoo, which returned no results. Not too interested in finding out why, but I assume its because Yahoo doesn't understand the "site:" keyword? Perhaps this is why Google is still the preferred search engine rather than the others. Still returns far more relevant search results.