Saturday, December 16, 2006

Scobleshow needs the levelator!

Just got done watching another most informative scoble show interview, this time of Mark Lucovsky, but the sound on the show needs work. Scoble does'nt have a second mic, so his voice comes in slightly lower than the person being interviewed. And then their is the change in the pitch of the person being interviewed.

This reminded me of something that Jon Udell wrote about a while back, called Levelator.

"In a talk given at the Podcast Academy, Daniel Steinberg noted that the normalization function in audio editors like Audacity and Audition "doesn't do what you think it does." I guess I'm not the only one who assumed, incorrectly, that normalization's job was even out loudness variation. But apparently it doesn't. It levels off peaks, but doesn't raise up valleys.

Levelator does do what many people expect normalization to do. It brings the valleys up close to the peaks."

And Roberts camera needs to be able to talk to his cell phone.

Hey, Roberts filming, turn yourself off! :)

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