Friday, March 21, 2008

Safari on Windows

Anybody else notice that the fonts in safari look really great on Windows Vista. Not sure if this is a change in Safari 3.1 or if it was their before, but I really like the display. Sometimes the fonts look better than they do in OS X!

The double click on tab bar to open a new tab feature doesn't seem that useful though. I usually have so many tabs open that their isn't any space where I could double click.

Update: Their is this brouhaha over Apple pushing Safari via Apple Updates. I think Tom Krazit says it best.
If you don't want Safari, don't click "install."

Please read before you click!

Asa Dotzler talks about trust:
It really is wrong to make cause for users to mistrust, or even worse, to distrust, software update systems.

I disagree. As a security conscious systems administrator, and X-files fan I say "Trust No One!".