Thursday, June 12, 2003

Bill Gates, Entertainment God

I hate what personal computers have been reduced to in both cases. I dont like it, and I dont have to like it. The whole house being run by computers is not my idea of a dream house. In fact, a house with as little built in technology is what I want. Dont want to be upgrading my house every year or two, and I dont want to have technology running everything in my life. Anything can go wrong, and I probably wont have time to fix it. It will be a mess. And I dont want to have to go the basement every few hours to reboot the main server! I know I wont be able to rely on it if it is running Windows.

And anyway, why would I want to be running a system such as Windows on such a mission critical computer in the first place. In my lab, we fired up a gateway computer about a year ago. We put it up in a corner. It provided a link to the cluster computers. The only purpose it served was when somebody had to go the cluster, they first had to go through the gateway computer. Any transfer that was done, had to go past the gateway computer. It handled gigs and gigs of data every day. And it kept working, without any problems for a whole year. Running Linux. It just kept working and working, until we decided to upgrade it. Its back up, and its been a month, and its still working. Now that is the kind of OS I would trust. Hence, I would only use Linux as a central server running my home.

And as far as the media giants go, they are idiots. They are sitting on a gold mine much larger than the one they are trying to protect. They could have come up with such a wonderful distribution system that would be good for consumers, and would also be good for them. But no, they are fools who are too scared to go with the times. No problem. People like Steve Jobs will replace them. You have read about how well the music initiative by Apple is doing, havent you?

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