Thursday, June 26, 2003

I was just looking what kind of laptop $500 would buy me. I need a nice fast (not super fast) laptop with decent hard drive space. The laptop should be good for development purposes, and should be stable. The pentuim laptop I have is good for this stuff, but the machine is dying and I dont know how long she will last out. It already has a problem that it reboots unexpectedly all of a sudden, and it seems to be a hardware problem. It does'nt matter what OS you are running on it. Windows 98 or Linux. When it goes out it just sits there without restarting for a while. This started happeneing after I lent the laptop to a friend. He took it somewhere and must have dropped it or something. As long as you leave it lying on a desk and not moving the laptop seems to work fine.

Its old. Need a new one. There is a transmeta laptop on pricewatch that is being sold for under $500. Now all I gotta do is to save some dough.

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