Friday, June 20, 2003

More crushing of rivals

In other words, a browser that destroyed its competition by being offered for free may conceivably become available only by buying an expensive operating system. And a browser that has made its own tweaks into quasi-standards because it is universally available may now become the driving force for upgrading to new versions of Windows. The settlement of Microsoft's anti-trust case leaves it free to develop IE for Longhorn as it sees fit.

I dont think this will work anymore. Mozilla is a standards compliant browser that is opens source. No matter what Microsoft may try, I dont think they will be able to stop people from using third party browsers like Mozilla, Opera, and Konqueror/Safari. I dont think it matters anymore.

Mozilla and hypocrisy

Right, but what about the experiences that Mozilla chooses to default for users like switching to  Yahoo and making that the default upon ...