Friday, July 11, 2003

Ok, I now have the system configured just the way it was before the crash yesterday. I have more hard drive space now, and updated software. Not a bad deal.

I'm having a new problem at work. I have a new 3Com 996B Gigabit network card. We are moving over to gig lines. I put in these cards, and the server works for a while and then crashes. I have another system setup with the same card, and Redhat 7.3 and it works fine. Even under a load test similar to what the server goes through. I have a feeling that the network card and the hardware in the server are not getting along. But I dont know how to test this, since I cant take the server down, and I dont have a machine that has similar hardware.

Another problem is Windows computers printing to the network printer, have to go through our Samba server. One of those computers seems to be sending a zero byte file to the printer which seems to jam the queue, and stops the printing. Have no idea where the file comes from, and have to go and manually delete the file. Its irritating. Have to figure out whats happening here.

Rank Owner Job Files Total Size
1st blocked 391 blocked.Gj8QVT 1645893 bytes
0 bytes
0 bytes

status: busy; source: LPR

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