Tuesday, July 01, 2003

The television is a device that you turn on, sit in front of, and use to let your mind wander idly as you are entertained to story after story about nothing. Thats what television is. And people have been living this life for years now. The internet is changing that. As people start to spend more time online, they are turning away from a medium that worked only one way. The media conglomerates had complete control over their media. But now, with the interactive medium people are actually thinking. They are reading, they are making opinions, and now blogs will give them an outlet to voice their opinions and thoughts. The media executives are going to lose it. That is why the RIAA and the MPAA are so rattled, I assume.

Converting the personal computer to the home entertainment center is the smartest thing those in power could do. It would limit the kind of stuff that people read and write on the web. It would limit free thought and enterprise. It would bring back the power that a select few have had. It will stop people from thinking. Thats what they want.

I was just thinking of how the web has changed over the years. I first came online January of 1997. In Pakistan. I was running a 386. The internet was so much more fun then. It was an Academic Internet. No advertisements, no pop-ups, nothing. Just gobs of information online. I was very interested in computers. I had no problems finding sites that would teach me more and more about computers. I spent days on end, hooked, reading and learning. The people were nice. They were all out to have the kind of fun I liked.

Now look at the internet. Now that every Tom, Dick and Harry is online the internet has been brought down to nothing but a vast magazine, covering all aspects. The only problem is that there dozens of advertisements all over the place. You have to pay and sign up for anything and everything. And the problem is that even when you do pay and get in to some site that promised to have the kind of information or data you might be looking for, its actually a sham. Its nothing like what you were expecting.

The internet has become a real boring magazine filled with advertisements. Thank God for Blogs!

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