Tuesday, September 23, 2003

One Writers Retreat

I've always liked to write. Thats why I have this blog. I dont care if people like to read what I write. I just write. Hopefully I'll get better so that one day someone will actually enjoy reading this stuff!

I've never found word processors useful. In fact, when I have to write a paper, I always ask the professor if it can be simple plain ASCII, and so far all of them have said yes. And I am about to graduate! My favorite editor is Emacs and has been for a while. It has all the features that I like, plus its my favorite for coding. The code formatting option (pressing tab on the line) is just something I cant live without while coding.

I also use VI for quick edits. Even though I am not as proficient in VI as in emacs, I am pretty good at it then normal people. Anyway, even on a windows system I have Xemacs VIm installed just because.

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