Friday, December 12, 2003

Survey Ranks Top Ten Biggest, Baddest Databases

Survey Ranks Top Ten Biggest, Baddest Databases

Taking home the prize for largest database size for all OS environments and Unix, for the DSS portion was France Telecom boasting 29.2TB. France Telecom uses Oracle Corp. as its DBMS, Hewlett-Packard Co. as its storage and system vendor, and employs an SMP (symbol manipulation program) architecture. In the Windows comparison for database size, ComScore Networks Inc. came in first with 8.9TB for its database. ComScore relies upon Sybase and its Sybase IQ offering as its DBMS, Dell for its systems, and EMC as its storage provider in a clustered architecture. In 2001, ComScore finished on top in the same category with only 1.5TB.

It seems that Windows is quite reliable at storing such data. I'm a little surprised.
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