Saturday, January 31, 2004

Mydoom virus

Microsoft offers money for information to the mydoom author

What the hell is the big deal with the mydoom virus. Maybe it did'nt hit my lab as hard as it hit others. But it seemed like any other virus to me. I just dont get what all the hoopla is about? Maybe they are just trying to scare the virus writers into not writing the viruses or something.

"This worm is a criminal attack,' said Microsoft's general counsel Brad Smith in a statement. "Its intent is to disrupt computer users...Microsoft wants to help the authorities catch this criminal." The company is offering $250,000 for information leading to the arrest of the worm writer.

I wish I could be in front of this guy when he said this. Stupid Moron! Stop making bull shit software. Stop putting the blame on people who are writing something that is good for the end user. If people would'nt write these viruses the wholes would'nt be patched, and the real theives would just get the important information and move out. Is'nt it worse if someone secretly hacks the computer, gets your information and leaves, without you knowing about it. Stupid, stupid people!

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