Thursday, January 15, 2004

new year, new...


but so far it seems like a year where I will be able to get things done!!!
(Fingers crossed)
That means a newer version of BlogniX and so forth. The past few weeks I should have had ample time to read and write for this blog, but it was all taken up by a project I undertook.
I created a Catering Menu/Reciept generating software for a local restaurant, using C#. A good learning experience, and fun. But it took a hell of a lot of time. Anyway, thats almost finished and done away with. If nothing then I'll get some free food from the place!!! :)

Though most of the last few weeks have been spent in Windows. I got a new computer, and I haven't even installed Linux on it :( I'm so glad that when I get home today, I should be able to format and install Suse 9.0 on it, and begin mucking around. It should make computing a lot better.

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