Tuesday, February 17, 2004


The information technology industry seems to be moving in circles. Most of the new technologies that seem to be coming up, is actually old technology wrapped up in new methodologies. What does that mean? Improvements in Microsoft Office are one example. Its the same office suite, only this time the underlying architecture has changed to better support XML.

Everybody seems to be trying to get the internet to have a revenue stream similar to that of television and radio. Only problem is the internet is not the same medium. The television was a one way road. They made media you watched it. Thats not the case any more with the internet. The whole point is that it is not a one way street. It is a two way street, with the user having the power. People dont seem to understand that, and they dont want it either. Its frustrating when the normal average joe user when given a chance, want to give thier power to others. Who are only too willing to grab it. Its a circle. The developers gave power to the user. From what I can understand Tim Berners Lee wanted to create a two way web. The web was never supposed to be only a viewing platform. But, the people dont want it. And they turn around 360 degrees and give the power back to the conglomerates such as the MPAA and RIAA. Sucks!

I am taking a course about contemporary issues. In the class, we were having a discussion about whether the internet should be regulated. And the general consensus was that the web should be regulated. Whatever happened to "Information wants to be free"? And I realized another thing. I cant put the frustration I have into words. I'll have to keep re-writing this post until I get it right.

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