Sunday, March 28, 2004

"The unfinished revolution" by Micheal Dertouzos

I've been reading this great book by Micheal Dertouzos, and there are various quotes I want to remember... so I'm going to list some of them here:

"Imagine a new breed of useful counseling exchanges between the rich people of the west, who are often troubled by depression, divorce, and family problems, and the poor people of the East, who seem to counter balance the lack of money with strong family ties and inner peace: Older experienced Indian women could spend a lot of time over the Net chatting with Western divorcee , who could benefit from thier advice at costs substantially below the psychologists counseling fee."

"At the beginning of the 21st century there were some 300 million people interconnected through the internet. That big number makes us feel pretty smug. Yet it represents only 5% of the worlds population. Its scandalous to characterize the Web as "worldwide" when it spans only a tiny portion of humanity."

Mozilla and hypocrisy

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