Saturday, June 05, 2004

Can't stop the pop-ups | CNET

Can't stop the pop-ups | CNET

Popups as I have previously stated are the most annoying and irritating things in the world! Ok, maybe not, but they are close. However I have had no problems with the sites that I visit. The browser I mostly use are either firefox or konqueror, though I have used IE on occasion with the google toolbar. So far no popups. And they better not show up.

I dont mind advertisement, and am perfectly fine with advertisements that are embedded in web pages. I have learnt over the years to skip them, much as I would while reading a news paper. But the distraction caused by popups is really irritating, because it requires a person to perform some sort of action to get rid, reducing the readers concentration. And that is the whole point of a popup. It is easier to gain a users attention through a new windows that may suddenly popup. And the fact that the window requires aaction on the part of the user, usually means that the reader is going to read the advertisement whether he wants to or not. Its forced attention that these marketters are seeking, and this is what I am against. If I am interested I will give you my time, but dont hassle me into listening (or reading) to what you have to say.

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