Saturday, June 26, 2004

I finally convinced some people to stop using IE and move to firefox. Lets see how long they stay. I just booted to my windows partition, after a few days and was surprised to see that I did not have any critical updates to apply. And I didn't have any of the tell tales files, kk32.dll or surf.dat on my system. I guess it has to do with the kind of software you use, and the kind of protection you have. I use IE only when doing windowsupdate. And thats because I have to. I've been using firefox for a while now, both in Windows and Linux. I guess I am safe for the time being. Plus the spybot registry checker works well. Now changes to the registry without my knowledge, the way it should be. I also suggest that all windows users install the new version of spybot from the spybot web site, with all the addin software like the registry checker (dont remember what its called).

Mozilla and hypocrisy

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