Thursday, July 22, 2004

GUI now too complex

The classic graphical user interface was well suited to an early Macintosh with 128kB of RAM that ran a few applications and about 50 files, �but it doesn�t scale�, says usability design specialist Don Norman.

With those few tasks the GUI was a boon. �You didn�t have to remember anything, because you could see everything. Now making everything visible doesn�t work. The space gets too crowded.�

As a logical consequence of this, the all-purpose computer should become obsolete, he says.

Hahahha... talk about a lack of imagination. That does not make sense. First of, just because they cant build a better interface into Windows it does not mean that Computers should become obsolete. Has Microsoft even experimented with new desktop paradigms? If they have, maybe they should try harder. I dont know how much better suns looking glass is going to be, but at least they are trying.

As I have said before virtual desktops or workspaces in WindowMaker are so much better, and allow me to organize my applications easily. It works perfectly for me, and the more work I am doing the better I can organize my work.

On the other hand, the hundreds of utilities (ok may be not so many) I have tried for Windows just cannot provide the same feel and ease that is provided by the virtual desktops in Windowmaker.

This might mean that Windows is obsolete, but it does not mean that the computer is obsolete.

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