Friday, July 30, 2004

I'm really satisfied with Suse 9.0 on Dell Latitude C600. I have everything working except one thing. Suspend doesn't work. Suspend is when you shut down the lid of the laptop, the machine should go into a state where only power to the RAM is kept alive. The time it takes for the machine to come back is minimal and fast. And you continue work from where you left of. Unfortunately this does not seem to work with the 2.4 kernel I am using with Suse 9.0.

Maybe a shift to Suse 9.1 would work, but its not a sure thing. I have read from all these various different places about people having problems with Suse 9.1 as well so I dont know. I'm torn between upgrading the system, or just putting up with having to shut down and restart whenever I am in Linux.

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