Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I've moved to using Bloglines as my news aggregator. It is easy to use, and can be used from almost anywhere. Now, I check my email, news web sites, and do my writing on the web through a web browser. Could Sun have been right? Is the network the computer? Are we not going to care what kind of terminal we are using in the future?

At least for now, tasks like listening to music, and software development need a proper computer. But for an average every day person who browses the web, writes a couple of documents, and emails, is the web browser all that they need? Will an appliance with a 200 Mhz processor that boots into an OS that is just a web browser all that they require? Is this the way to get computers into every home? Why has this concept not caught on? Will it?

The number of default tabs I have open in Firefox is also increasing. Now I have my blogs, bloglines, and gmail. The more web apps I begin to use, the more tabs I foresee.

Also, for my future applications, should I be moving to creating web apps, and move away from the idea of having stand alone applications? What do I use? Python/PHP/ASP.NET/Java/JSP? Maybe it is time I bought some server space, and actually began creating a web presense and creating programs that would run on those servers.

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