Saturday, August 28, 2004

An example XUL application

On-Demand Contact Center Management -

This is what a rich web application is all about. Go to products and try the demo. You need a mozilla based browser like firefox.

Ofcourse this gives new meaning to "this web site requires this specific browser" problem that plagued us once when Netscape was still huge, and Internet Explorer was a new browser. Once XAML is out, I can see the beginnings of a new browser war coming up. Or will it be called webapp wars? An important fact is that XUL is here now, while XAML is still far away, 2006 maybe. XUL needs marketting and more developer information. I can barely find any dev information online, and I cant afford to buy a book currently. The more developer information is present on XUL the better. Maybe when 2006 comes XUL will be so common that Microsoft will be forced to support it! No wars that way.

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