Friday, August 13, 2004

Jon Udell: Sound bites

Jon Udell: Sound bites

I love sound bites. Jon Udells been promoting the concept for some time. I think that would be next step for blogs. More richer web pages. Wonder who is going to step up and make it easier for all of us bloggers... Maybe instead of just talking open source, Real should be working with the developers to come up with some good software!!!

I 've noticed an increase in talk shows online. Two talk shows I listen to are:
The penguins been busy... always good to know what its up to!

And one video talk show:
Its always fun to keep tabs on what the evil empire is up to :)

It would be fun to link to parts of these shows, the way Jon does above with Paul Grahams speech at OSCON.
BTW, Jon is part of the Gillmor gang, and Doc Searls is a linux dude and one of the gillmor gang.

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