Tuesday, August 10, 2004

My friend downloaded WindowsXP SP2 from M$ (dont trust the torrent downloads) and finished installing it. Requires at least 1.2 GB of disk space before install. Its a complete OS upgrade I guess. The system seams more responsive after the install. Also, have no use for most of the features because I already have Anti-Virus and Firewall software, that from what I've heard is much better than what SP2 has to offer.

Oh well, I'm giving Internet Explorer a try again, just to see what kind of changes have been brought in there. Not enough changes though. For instance, you still cant change the size of fonts by actual points, you can choose medium, smaller and so forth, but thats not enough. Want to change the actual sizes myself.

Even though SP2 installed fine on my laptop, it did not on my friends computer. And I was just about ready to go home and go to sleep. :(

And the crash is a hard crash on the first screen... the XP bar just stops moving and the system goes down hard. Same thing with safemode. The system is a P4 2.8 GHz with 512 MB ram, ABit AI7 motherboard, Nvidia Geforce 4200 Ti, Sony DVD Writer, AC97 built in sound, built-in network card, logitech USB wireless keyboard, and logitech PS2 mouse. At the screen to choose whether to go to safe mode, or boot Windows normally, the wireless keyboard would not work, though it worked fine at the BIOS screen. Changing the setting within the BIOS so that the USB Keyboard was handled by the BIOS caused the keyboard to work on that previously mentioned screen, but the system would just hang a lot faster.

The restore did not work, the installation deleted files, copied some files from the CD, and restarted the computer, to start further configuring and stuff, and the system would start, try to start the installation process and then reboot. Hes doing a complete reinstall right now, while I wish I could go home and go to sleep!!!!

Be very careful when installing SP2. You can lose a lot of your sleep time if it does not work with your system.

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