Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The steps you have to go through sometimes to install a program. Here are the steps I had to follow to install eric3 on my distribution (yoper).

1. download eric3 and run configure
2. whoops... need to download PyQT
3. whoops... need to get sip
4. whoops... need qscintilla
5. download and install sip rpm
6. download and install qscintilla
7. whoops... qscintilla requires qmake
8. qt on yoper has no qmake... its a broken symlink
9. download qt... compile... take qmake out and install
10. now compile qscintilla
11. works... now compile PyQT
12. wait a long time....
13. Oh my GOD! its still compiling!
14. compile/install eric3

whew! Now I can start coding!

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