Thursday, January 13, 2005

KDE Developer's Corner - Konstruct

KDE Developer's Corner - Konstruct

This is a utility that allows a person to compile stable/unstable builds of KDE to try out and install into their homedir. I downloaded the small tar file, uncompressed it in my homedir.
cd konstruct/meta/kde && make install

And thats it. The script downloaded all the prerequired files, compiled them overnight, and compiled it. I had a ready KDE3.4beta1 in the morning, and have been using it ever since. There are some apps that dont get built and you have to go into the apps dir but once you do a make install on them they are also taken care of by the script.

[linux 10:57 AM Thu Jan 20] [Session: 3 adnan]
==> du -h -s kde3.4-beta1/
726M kde3.4-beta1/

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