Thursday, March 31, 2005

Exploring Ruby on Rails | Linux Journal

Exploring Ruby on Rails | Linux Journal:

"When I found out that my friend, Doug Fales, finally had gotten around to learning Ruby and was putting together a blog using Ruby on Rails (RoR), I knew it had been too long since I'd left the world of templating engines for satellite imagery and petabytes. It seemed that every blog I read either was proclaiming Rails as the new juggernaut of Web frameworks or was damning it as the scourge of developers everywhere. Now, I generally assume anything that's simultaneously causing so much adoration, protest and reflection must have something going for it, and rumors that Dave Thomas was putting together a book on RoR only fueled my motivation to find out all that I could as fast as I could. So I installed Rails, raced through a few tutorials, started reading the source and called Doug to get the lowdown straight from the horse's mouth."

Well, looks like I'll be giving Ruby on Rails a try. I really like Python though... we'll see after I try RoR.

Ian Bicking posted in my comments that I could wrap up the command line version of the program in Python. I'll have to look into that. The problem is that it seems like too much work. I'm not sure if all the command line quota tools work the same way. I need them to work the same way on Solaris and Linux boxes. I'll have to look into it when I get time.

When I was actually hacking the C code with the disk quota module I thought about writing a wrapper, but I needed the system to work as is. Their was quite a bit of infrastructure built on top, which I did not know much about in detail. Given the time constraints it was much easier to dive head long into C code! I'd probably write the wrapper now given what I know now.

The web app is a hobby project, and well, I'll probably go with what seems cooler to me :)

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