Tuesday, March 22, 2005

NewsForge | Zeta OS is rising from BeOS ashes

NewsForge | Zeta OS is rising from BeOS ashes:

"yellowTAB has just announced details of what is to be expected for Zeta 1.0. The list includes an updated kernel and virtual machine (VM) manager for speed increases of up to 40%, breaking the 1GB memory barrier, fixes to BFS, an NDIS wrapper that is expected to greatly improve wireless networking support, a CUPS port for much improved printer support, and a new non-destructive partition manager for easy installation of Zeta on machines that already have Windows or other OS installed. Zeta 1.0 will also come with numerous development tools, including Python 2.4 with a working Bethon (Python modules for Zeta), GNU bash 3.0, GNU coreutils (5.2.1), OpenSSH, and Bash autocomplete with Zeta-specific completion templates."

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