Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Slashdot | Yahoo Ups Mail to Match Google's Gig

Slashdot | Yahoo Ups Mail to Match Google's Gig:

"Yahoo said late Tuesday that it will provide 1 gigabyte of storage for each free e-mail account. The current limit is 250 megabytes. The expanded storage which will be available in mid-April will enable Yahoo to catch up with online search engine leader Google"

Competition from Google has been good for consumers. Email is the best example. The whole email experience, spam filtering and so forth has been so greatly improved, and well the market seems to be thriving. The second part is the blogosphere I believe has benefitted for the better. Sure blogger/blogspot may have been lagging behind, but there is competition, and I am sure its only going to get better. I just wish google would enter the IM market. It might lead to changes in IM the way there have been changes in email.

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