Friday, April 29, 2005

Doom 4: End of the Game Industry?

Opinion Column by PC Magazine - Doom 4: End of the Game Industry?
Am I the only one who expects a collapse of the gaming business soon? Does anyone else think that it is overdue? It has happened before, and I can't see how people will keep shelling out $50 or so for a video game when the games have hardly changed since the invention of the first-person shooter.

I guess Mr. Dvorak missed out on the advance of MMORPG games. Game companies have already figured it out, and they are advancing the MMORPG games. Sony and Blizzard are two examples. And there instead of shelling out $50 per game, you shell out $50, plus $15 a month. And it becomes similar to getting cable, just that there is interaction involved. And it seems to me that at least in World of Warcraft, Blizzard has got round the problem of "grrls". Even though I dont play that much, (lvl 18 warlock, lvl 7 druid, lvl 5 paladin), my friends (lvl 60 tauren warrior, lvl 59 elf hunter) are both guys who are member of guilds that are led by females. Two different guilds. I dont remember the ratio of boys to girls, but as far as I remember there were more girls. So ummm... I think the gaming industry is gonna do just fine.

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