Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Google Tackles Search Memory in Beta Service

Google Tackles Search Memory in Beta Service:
"Google on Wednesday launched a personalized Web search service that stores users' search histories, builds individualized search data into Web results and suggests related searches."

Features galore! :)
Where is microsoft in all of this? I expect a new service to crop up from Yahoo anytime now.

Its funny, but the strategy that Microsoft had used to make its software gain traction can no longer work. When Microsoft was competing against a competitor in the software space, it used varous tactics to get its software accepted. First was the fact that they could bundle the software with the OS (browser, media player so forth) and that would remove the one step required of other third party software. Installation. Second Microsoft would give away software (Internet Explorer), and that would help them gain market share.

Now however, with the google services there is a simple reality of no installation required. So now there is no reason for users to use MSN search, or hotmail. In fact, the services from google are better at the moment (Gmail vs. Hotmail). Therefore, the same rules dont apply. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft counters this. For once, their applications (web services) have to be better than what is currently being offered. Can they do it?

This is all my humble opinion ofcourse!

Most of my friends use MSN messenger. Most of my friends are international students from Pakistan. When they came to the US for their undergraduate studies, most of them did not have a PC. They would use the computer lab at the University. At the computer lab, there was no way of installing software. You did not have permission. Further everytime you logged, the machine would delete whatever profile that may have been saved. The only instant messaging software already installed was windows messenger that was bundled in Windows. Hence, they all used MSN messenger. I on the other hand, had been using ICQ since Pakistan. I had a huge list of friends on ICQ, and I'd carry around a zip disk with that ICQ installed on the zip disk. Most people couldn't be bothered with doing that kind of thing, and most didn't have a reason to. I hate the fact that I have to use MSN messenger all the time. I dont like being tied to one app. But thats the reality, I had to use it. It was a relief when Jabber was released, but it just didn't work for me. Dont remember why. I still use MSN messenger, but I am just looking for a reason to jump ship. Google needs to start an Instant messaging service.

And google can actually do it as a service like gmail. Here is the MSN equivalent. I'm sure google can do a much better job. Heck I could do a much better job if I had the resources :D

Why do I want to move away from msn messenger. Well simply because the service sucks! There hasn't been a feature added that I liked since I started using it. It keeps getting disconnected. Its not tied in (as well as I would like) to any of the other services I use. There is no way to send offline messages. ICQ had that years ago and it was a good feature. If a friend was offline, I did not have to fire up email, send a message and hope that he still reads that email address.

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