Thursday, April 28, 2005

Om Malik RSS, Tiger Safari and the Bandwidth Bottleneck

Om MalikRSS, Tiger Safari and the Bandwidth Bottleneck: "Admittedly, since I don't have Tiger yet, not sure if Safari RSS does time-based check (every hour at :15) or checks related to when the computer/browser is started, which is relatively random and what other feed readers do. Clearly this is an imaginary scenario, but it could happen. So what's the fix? "I certainly hope that Safari does conditional GET. I can't imagine it doesn't but I could be wrong," says Brent Simmons, founder and the man behind hit feed reader, Net News Wire, "With conditional GET you download the feed only if it's different from the last time you downloaded it this cuts way down on bandwidth use." (More on conditional GET.) Conditional GET which NetNewsWire and most other aggregators support is hugely important, says Simmons. But even that can go that far, since most of these news operations churn out headlines with monotonous regularity."

Mozilla and hypocrisy

Right, but what about the experiences that Mozilla chooses to default for users like switching to  Yahoo and making that the default upon ...