Monday, April 11, 2005

Review of D-Link's DGL-4300 Broadband Router

Review of D-Link's DGL-4300 Broadband Router
Your connection speed or hardware isn't necessarily your biggest problem in online gaming, but rather how you and others use your connection at the same time. Typical download speeds range from 768Kbit/sec to 3Mbit/sec, with upload speeds of 128Kbit to 1Mbit. That's more than enough for several people to enjoy broadband-only games online. So why do so many users experience so much lag? Usually something else happens on your home network that slows things down a bit. Peer-to-peer file sharing trashes your network connection, as do really big local file transfers."

I'm not sure if this is a problem for me yet. I signed on to World of Warcraft again. I gave in over the weekend. The best part was that they had only frozen my account when I unsubscribed, so my characters were still their. I'm not sure thats because I had not deleted World of Warcraft from my powerbook, or if the profile for the character is stored on the server, but it worked.

Which brings up this question. What happens if your hard drive gets trashed, and you lose your WoW stuff. It better be stored on the server, or your level 60 character is toast! I'm not level 60 yet, but one of my roommate is, and the other is lvl 53. And the amount of months these guys have spent getting their it would be a horrible shame to lose all that.

My character is a level 14 warlock named "Bhoot". It means Ghost in Urdu. :)
Screenshots to come soon!

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