Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Scripting News: 4/20/2005

Scripting News: 4/20/2005:
"Fortune says Bill Gates is riled and he's making a Google killer. Yeah Fortune always says stuff like that, but it's never been true. Bill Gates does get riled, or simulates getting riled, but what really happens is the other guys get scared and blink and then he wins by default. But that was when Gates was young and feisty and more convincing. And when he had Ben Slivka who wore shorts and ate red meat, not the people working on the search engine at MSN these days. Give me a break. Those guys freak out if you raise your voice. All Google has to do is say Boo and they'll spend a year getting over it"

Hahahhahaha... sort of follows what I said in my previous posts!

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