Thursday, April 14, 2005

SecurityFocus HOME News: Beware of toxic blogs

SecurityFocus HOME News: Beware of toxic blogs:
"Toxic blogs are been used to distribute malware and keyloggers, censorware firm Websense warns. Websense Security Labs said it has discovered 'hundreds of instances' of blogs involved in the storage and delivery of harmful code this year. Anti-virus firms question why Websense has singled out blogs as a particular security risk but Websense does come up with at least one concrete example of the trick having been used in anger."

I promise my blog will not have any spyware on it. It cant, there is no way to upload those executables to blogger (at least I dont know of any). Unless blogger starts hosting spyware itself ofcourse. Thats the day I move of blogger (oh crap, now they know how to get rid of me! :)
I really dont get how such common sense stuff can be made into a big story. I mean, if people are provided with an easy way to host spyware, under a guise of a blog, they will. It is just something to be expected. Whats the big deal?

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