Thursday, April 28, 2005

VolkerW's WebLog : Working for Microsoft

VolkerW's WebLog : Working for Microsoft
Oh my! I came across this post just as I was thinking of how lame the whole Winhec thing was. The screenshots were just simply boring. All this stuff that is supposed to be exciting about Longhorn is here, now, in various different incarnations. BeOS, OS X (Tiger) contain most, if not all the features that Microsoft is implementing in Longhorn. Its not new and cool. What would be cool stuff to talk about? Cool stuff with Avalon, or scripting through monad. But there is no information about this stuff. If you want to get people excited, make monad available for people to play with. From what I saw of Monad from the .Net show, that is something developers would get excited about. Imho.
Actually I dont even think that the features being touted for OS X Tiger are that big a deal either. But at least its here and now, not a year later.

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