Sunday, May 08, 2005

A Blog Revolution? Get a Grip - New York Times

A Blog Revolution? Get a Grip - New York Times
"They're pursuing a very clear agenda and they've done very well with that," Mr. Boyd said of Gawker. "But they're just an old media company in new media clothes, and I still maintain that they are missing part of the point."

While reading the article, my first thoughts were, what a bunch of crock! What makes these guys different from any other blogger. How ever, after thinking about it a little it kind of makes sense. What makes these people different is that they have taken the blog medium, and used it to develop a business. They are trying to take the new tools that have been built by the technologist, and have used it to adapt to the changing times. They are doing what the other online media companies should be doing. Instead of sticking with the old and dying business model, they have adapted to the new. Good for them.

But the above does not mean that you can discount bloggers as Mr. Denton does.
The point, Mr. Boyd said, is that blogging is unique because of its spontaneity and individualism, and that bloggers, like dancers and sculptors, are most interesting because they are "pursuing their muse."

The Net thanks to bloggers is no longer a big huge porn magazine/video. Or a place for people to read the same politically corrent, specially scripted news that is available on older media (TV, Radio, newspapers). Bloggers add a sense of individualism that makes it a lot more fun and unique. National boundaries dont exist either.

This is why I like blogs.

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