Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I'm having problems with Apache. The server is hosting about 250 or so virtual servers. The memory foot print is really large for the server. Each process is taking about 90 MB in size. That is huge! Have to figure out why the memory foot print on the server is so large. Since there are other servers that have the exact same configuration and number of sites, and have a memory foot print of 17M to 21M, I am assuming it has to do with what some of the sites are running. Maybe some rewrite rules is causing a memory leak?

It has to be something on the user side. When I stop the server, and start it up again, the memory footprint is 19 MB. However, over time, the process memory usage starts to increase. A graceful restart does not solve the problem. I've been told that all processes in apache will take the size of the largest apache process, hence, slowing the server down, and wasting memory. Now I have to track whats causing the memory leakage. Since the other servers are using the exact same software, it would seem that its code run by one or more users on that particular system.

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