Tuesday, May 10, 2005

iSync stopped working

iSync stopped working
Computer is slow, the email is acting like its got arthritis and well, what can I say.

The slow down on my Mac is noticeable too. There are times when the system just has that small spinning mouse pointer, and sit their. There was a moment yesterday when I mistakenly pressed command-space, while typing something in the URL bar for Safari, and the system just sat their for a long time. Then I remembered that command-space was the key for spotlight. So I waited instead of resetting the system, and sure enough the system suddenly caught up again. Thankfully the system has not crashed on me yet.

Email on the other hand is working great. Other than the problem I had with GPG causing Mail.app to crash, Mail.app has been working great. One of the big reasons I had to move to 10.4 was better spam filtering in Mail.app, and well I'm quite happy with it now. Very few false positives and negatives. I'll be anxiously waiting for 10.4 updates to start trickling in though.

I am surprised that I find spotlight useful. I never thought I would because well, there just isn't that much stuff I need to search for on my local system. But when I do, its very useful to have spotlight. Before spotlight I would have had to fire up the terminal, go to a directory that I think might have the file, and then run a series of "find" and "grep" statements.

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