Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Metroblogging Karachi: Burn

Metroblogging Karachi: Burn:
"The boy fingered the hole in the seat covers one last time then reluctantly rose and walked towards the men's section once again. As he passed the empty seats, he proudly hunched the way his father must have done every day. Before he knew it, he was out in the street again. Suddenly his father's smile was eclipsed by the image of his bullet ridden body, left out in the streets as men and women alike gathered around and watched, distant and uncaring as trees that surround a clearing. A premature frown reappeared on the young man's face as he abruptly swung around and resolutely picked up the can of petrol he had earlier hidden. The world would burn tonight.

Teray Tann Mein
Teray Mann Mein
Teray Ghar Ko Aag Lag Jaaye
Aur Tujhay Jaagna Aaye

- Saari Raat Jaaga, Noori"


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