Monday, May 16, 2005

P-51 Mustang at Hollister

P-51 Mustang at Hollister
Originally uploaded by jzawodn.
I love old planes. Reminds me of these old remote control planes I used to have. They were actually thread based piston engine trainers my grandfather bought me. Me and my father use to go and fly it sometimes. I was not allowed to start it up because it was a real piston engine, and adult supervision was required (I was 14 yrs old). My grandfather was a pilot for Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). In fact, he was the one that did the first 747 flight from Karachi to NewYork for PIA. I have a picture somewhere of the 747 Taxing on the run way at Newyork, I'll upload it if I find it. He was going to buy me a real R/C plane once I had learned to fly the trainer. He passed away before he could do that. I might get into R/C planes just to honour my grandfather. My grandparents were the best. It was my grandmother that bought me the computer that got me to take computer as a hobby and then a career.

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