Wednesday, May 18, 2005

SecurityFocus HOME Infocus: FOCUS on Sun: Hardening Solaris - Creating a Diam

SecurityFocus HOME Infocus: FOCUS on Sun: Hardening Solaris - Creating a Diam:

"7/tcp open echo
9/tcp open discard
13/tcp open daytime
19/tcp open chargen
21/tcp open ftp
23/tcp open telnet
25/tcp open smtp
37/tcp open time
42/udp open nameserver
79/tcp open finger
111/tcp open rpcbind 100000
161/udp open snmp
177/udp open xdmcp
512/tcp open exec
513/tcp open login
514/tcp open shell
515/tcp open printer
517/udp open talk
520/udp open route
540/tcp open uucp
4045/tcp open lockd 100021
6112/tcp open dtspc
7100/tcp open font-service
32771/tcp open status 100024
32772/tcp open rusersd 100002
32772/udp open sadmin 100232
32773/tcp open ttdbserverd 100083
32773/udp open rquotad 100011
32774/tcp open kcms_server 100221
32774/udp open status 100133
32775/tcp open cachefsd 100235
32775/udp open rusersd 100002
32776/tcp open dmispd 805306368
32776/udp open sprayd 100012
32777/tcp open snmpXdmid 100249
32777/udp open rwalld 100008
32778/tcp open sometimes-rpc19
32778/udp open rstatd 100001
32779/udp open cmsd 100068
32786/udp open sometimes-rpc26"

The above is a list of services running on a default install of solaris 8. Thats just crazy. Goes to show how much of a concern security was when solaris 8 was released. Of all those services the ones I really need are:

22/tcp open ssh
80/tcp open http
443/tcp open https

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