Thursday, May 12, 2005

Slashdot | Microsoft Under Attack - Part 2

Slashdot | Microsoft Under Attack - Part 2
<rant>Ok its stories like these that drive me raving mad. So what if Microsoft is under attack. So what if google is gaining fame. The fact of the matter is, Microsoft has billions in its bank, which it can use to ride out the bad times, until it has products that are as good as the competition. Does Google/Yahoo have such a stash. Do Google/Yahoo have cash cow products like Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. If there is one thing that history should have taught us, it does not matter how good you are (remember BeOS), what matters is if you let your gain get to you. Google's Adsense might be doing good, but in my opinion it is not comparable to Microsofts cash cows. Same with Yahoo. And without these, it is google/yahoo who should be scared, not the other way around.

Stupid media.

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